Generating Suction Production

Single Venturi T-10 Pump

T-10 Single Venturi Pump w/ Silencer

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Don't let the small size fool you! This is a powerful vacuum generator designed for maximum performance in extreme conditions.

The unique T shape allows for direct mounting at the point of use.

Expect fast response times when you mount the suction cup directly to the 1/4" NPT vacuum port.

The body and silencer are made from a single piece of aluminum for superior strength.

No need to purchase a separate silencer or replace broken ones. Two 10-32- tapped mounting holes opposite the vacuum port are also provided.

  • High vacuum, Medium flow
  • Used on sealed systems as well as non porous material like glass metal and plastic.
  • Can be placed close to work
  • Quick response times
  • Light weight
  • Non clogging, no filtration needed
INCHES OF MERCURY (H.G.) Air Consumption
(SCFM) at 65psi
0 5 10 15 20 25
T10 1.35 1.1 .9 .65 .5 0 1.47