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Large 1" In-Line Strainer/Vacuum Filter

Large 1" In-Line Strainer/Vacuum Filter

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Vac Cubes offers in-line strainers in 3 main sizes with porting connections from 1/8" to 1-1/2". Threaded connections and barbed fittings come in a variety of materials to meet your needs. We stock female threaded filters with a black polypropylene top, clear nylon bowl, 40 mesh stainless steel screen and EPDM gasket. Many other combinations are available in the three sizes of filters. The top can be black polypropylene or white nylon. The bowl can be black polypropylene, white nylon or clear nylon. We recommend a clean nylon bowl so that you can see when the filter needs to be cleaned. The gasket can be Buna, Viton or EPDM. Lastly the element can be 20-80 mesh stainless steel for all sizes and poly elements available as well.

Filters are used to protect valves, pumps, ejectors etc. from dust and other harmful particles. In-line strainers are designed to be cleaned without removing the entire strainer from the line but instead just removing the bowl and element. The transparent bowl lets you easily monitor the condition of the filter element.

Filters or strainers are used with agricultural sprayers, pressure washers, floor scrubbers, drinking water pre-filters, medical devices, car washes, marine raw water strainers, laser cutting and CNC machines and before any vacuum system.

Detailed Product Information

  Part Number A B C D Filter Area (in2) Pipe Thread

Regular & Large
FLTP-1F 5.0 6.40 4.00 5.55 29.75 1" Female